When Cleveland Fans Attack

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 4,1974: Members of the Texas Rangers take down a drunken fan who ran onto the field during a game against the Cleveland Indians on June 4, 1974 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Texas was awarded a win by forfeit 5-5 when the game was called by the umpires, due to fans storming the field during 10 cent beer night. (Photo by: Paul Tepley Collection/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

1) Ten Cent Beer Night, June 4, 1974, Cleveland Indians vs. Texas Rangers


What a promotion!  Six 12 ounce beers for sixty cents.  It might have been 1974, but even then that was a deal!  With that much cheap beer you know something had to go wrong.  That night it all went down.  Luckily enough, someone at the police station was listening to the game and heard the radio announcer describing the “riot” at the stadium.

2) The Last Browns Game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, December 17, 1995, Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals

I was at this game in 1995.  It was a sad day for Cleveland.  The Browns were moving out of town.  I wish I had the ticket from that game.  It was really, really weird.  All the season tickets prior to that game had a older picture of the Browns against whatever team they were playing that week.  For the last game, it was a picture of the Bengals playing the Colts.  The Browns moved to Baltimore while the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis in the 1980’s.  I took it as a slap in the face to one the most historical football fanbases.

3) The BottleGate, December 16, 2001, Cleveland Browns vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

I watched this game on TV at home and felt like throwing my beer.  The refs really screwed this one up.  I’m not trying to justify throwing full plastic beer bottles at the refs, but their call was totally against the NFL rules.  They reviewed a play after another one was made and, of course, it went against the Browns and cost them the game.

4) “The Decision”, July 8, 2010, City of Cleveland vs. LeBron James

Another sad day in Cleveland sports history.  Star athletes leaving Cleveland for other teams is not uncommon in Cleveland, but the LeBron situation was something different.  LeBron was the local kid who was going to “light up Cleveland like Vegas” and bring a championship to the city.  It was sad enough he left, but it was more about the way he left that drove the Cleveland fans insane.  “The Decision” on ESPN is the worst television broadcast EVER!  Fans felt betrayed by their “King” and many stupid fans showed their reactions by burning anything LeBron related they owned.  Team owner Dan Gilbert voiced many of the fans reactions in his infamous letter.  The crazy thing is that LeBron came back to Cleveland in the summer of 2014 and all was forgiven.

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