Why the way 10 Cloverfield Lane was written is important.

No spoilers in this edition.

So many reasons.

  1. It returns the tried and true,’Show me, don’t Tell Me!’
  2. It respects the intelligence of the audience.
  3. There was no dialogue in an extended, opening sequence.
  4. It displays all the great struggles, be it, Man v Man, Man v Nature, Man v Himself.
  5. What is bothering me? Is it from within or without?
  6. Is it reality?
  7. Am I safer in sanctuary, or taking my chances on my own?

J.J. Abrams put his stamp on this, the bunker is a throw back to the excellent bunker they found on ‘LOST’

The only difference is from jukebox to turntable.  People tend to get along in these worlds as long as it takes to get comfortable, then they inevitably turn on each other.


The impossible wrap-up of this movie is redeemed in my mind by the final choice of the principle actor.  It was great, WHY hasn’t that been tried before?

My point that I wish to be made indelibly; screenplays can be better, and a little smarter.  The audience’s appetite for smarter content is evolving, sharpening all the time.

I could tell you all about this movie, and who, and how they made it. That is not needed, but I will tell you….

They had only one trailer, released the name of the picture an unusually short two months in advance.

It was a stand alone script that they pasted on J.J. Abrams’ signature ‘mystery box’ style which seems to be more than a little inspired by Spielberg.

A gorgeous film, with outstanding performances.

It could be a play, apart from the massive action bits.  John Goodman shines and smolders as a menacing and mysterious military mensch and conspiracy aficionado, and the outstanding young female principal is engagingly authentic.

This is a production with something like six or seven roles, two of which are voice only (including sad-sack boyfriend Bradley Cooper).

But……. for me the real story is we can get some better scripts, less shlock. The emotional arc of many of the superhero movies isn’t working anymore.  Lead me astray, show me, don’t tell me, and let nothing be pre-ordained.

This style of story telling seems like the best path, but why do we seem to have so many blockbusters that have no soul, and inferior writing?

P.S. The trailer is impeccable, check it out.

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