Please LeBron, win one for Cleveland.

Please Lebron, win one for Cleveland.

The city of Cleveland, Ohio has been void of a championship in any major sport since before my birth.  The last time a Cleveland team won a championship was in 1964 when the Browns won the NFL Championship before the Super Bowl was established.  This blue-collar mid-west city has faithful sports fans that have supported three major sports teams through tough economic times.  The Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers have talented teams over the years that always  seem to “snatch defeat in the jaws of victory”.  Wait, take some of what I wrote back.   The Cleveland Crunch (Indoor Soccer)  won the NPSL Championship three times between 1994 and 1999.  Most Clevelanders do not even remember the Crunch and their parades found empty downtown streets.  From “The Shot”, to “The Drive“, to “The Fumble“, to “The Decision” and countless other debacles, I believe Clevelanders have suffered enough.

The Cavaliers have the best shot at ending the misery on the shores of Lake Erie.  LeBron James went from the region’s native son, to public enemy number one, and back to Cleveland’s only hope.  “The Decision” combined with “The Letter” made it seem like LeBron’s return would never happen, but somehow it did.  In a city where the best athletes leave in free agency (LeBron included), the return of “King James” was a miraculous surprise.  The best player in a sport chose Cleveland.  Unthinkable.  Clevelanders appreciate being an hour away from Akron, Ohio a little bit more now.  While the Browns continue to fail each year and the Indians struggle as a small market team in a non-salary cap sport, the Cavs have gone “All In” with a stacked line-up of players to support “King James”.

This season, the Cavs have emerged as the favorite to win the Eastern Conference.  A trip to the Finals could see them  facing last season’s nemesis Golden State Warriors or the always dangerous San Antonio Spurs (who have beaten LeBron twice in the finals, one against Cleveland and one against Miami). The return of a healthy Kyrie Irving puts LeBron and the Cavs in the best position to win.  Looking at their current roster and you could easily say that the bench alone could be a low seed in the playoffs. Let’s not forget the contributions of starters Kevin Love, J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson.

Is this the best sports team ever to wear the name Cleveland on their jerseys?  Claiming the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy would make that an easy argument.  Regular season victories in the cold and snowy winter can warm the hearts of Cleveland fans, but a championship in June will melt away decades of pain and torment from ghosts of failures past.  Once again, Cleveland fans hope to no longer have to use one of their most often used catch phrases, “Wait till next year.”  With a playoff spot all but guaranteed, Cavs fans can enjoy the ride of the regular season and get ready for the emotional roller coaster of joy and stress knowing the impossible just might be possible.

Please Lebron, win one for Cleveland.


Andy Basinger
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Podcast Editor Andy Basinger is a musician/sports fanatic from Cleveland, Ohio who currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

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